Turanay Caner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
PhD, Strategic Management, University of PittsburghMBA, Providence College
Turanay Caner joined the Tobin College of Business in 2015. She previously worked at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management in Raleigh, NC. Turanay’s research is motivated by her interest in understanding phenomena in the domains of inter-firm and interdisciplinary relationships, innovation, and financial performance. Her research has been recognized by several academic awards at NCSU and SJU. She is a recipient of Research Growth and Innovation Award-2015 at the Poole College of Management, NCSU. She has received Tobin College of Business, SJU research awards in 2017 and 2018. Turanay has also received multiple research grants including one from the National Science Foundation for her work with Melissa Appleyard and Beverly Tyler on "Improving Outcomes from Interdisciplinary R&D" (NSF Grant # 1535986), and recently two TCB research grants from St. John’s University. Her work has been published in prestigious research journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, and Journal of Product Innovation and Management. Turanay earned her Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh; an MBA from Providence College; and a B.Sc. in Business Administration from METU, Ankara, Turkey. Prior to joining academia, she spent several years working in the manufacturing, financial services, and business consulting industries in Turkey and the United States.

Teaching Interests

Strategic Management; Consulting; Innovation.

Research Interests

invention, innovation, new product development, alliances, knowledge diversity, interdisciplinary R&D.

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Select Publications

Journal Articles

Appleyard, M., Tyler, B., and Caner, T. Improving Outcomes from Interdisciplinary R&D: How do experience and disciplinary variety, distance, and interdependence matter? NSF Grant for Proposal # 1535986. Awarded. .

Caner, T., Bruyaka, O. P., and Prescott, J. P. (2018). Flow Signals: Evidence from Patent and Alliance Portfolios in the US Biopharmaceutical Industry. Journal of Management Studies.

Caner, T., Cohen, S. K., and Pil, F. (2017). Firm Heterogenity in Complex Problem Solving: A Knowledge-based Look at Invention . Strategic Management Journal.

Cohen, S. K., and Caner, T. (2016). Converting inventions into breakthrough innovations: The role of exploitation and alliance network knowledge heterogeneity . Journal of Engineering and Technology Management. vol. 40, pp. 29-44.

Tyler, B. B., and Caner, T. (2016). New Product Introductions below Aspirations, Slack and R&D Alliances: A Behavioral Perspective. Strategic Management Journal. vol. 37, pp. 896-910.

Caner, T., and Tyler, B. B. (2015). The Effects of knowledge depth and scope on the relationship between R&D alliances and new product development. Journal of Product Innovation Management. vol. 32, pp. 808-824.

Caner, T., Sun, J., and John, P. E. (2014). When a firm's centrality in R&D alliance network is (not) the answer for invention: The interaction of centrality, internal and external knowledge transfer. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management. vol. 33, pp. 193-209.