Min Wang

Assistant Professor
Education Specialties
PhD, TESOL, The University of AlabamaMA, TESOL, Arkansas Tech UniversityMA, Educational Administration, East China Normal University
Dr. Min Wang is Assistant Professor of TESOL in the Department of Education Specialties. She was awarded a PhD in TESOL in 2016 from the University of Alabama. Since 2015, she has published seven articles in different journals. Her book entitled Multimodalities and Chinese students’ L2 literacies: Positioning, agency, and communities is under contract with Lexington Books. Since 2014, she has presented 36 papers at national and international conferences. Based on her credentials, Dr. Wang has been invited to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication. She is a reviewer for several academic journals and organizations, such as NYS TESOL Journal, Journal of Language, Identity & Education and conference proposals for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Dr. Wang is also a member of several professional organizations, which include, but are not limited to, AERA, AAAL, the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), TESOL, the International Society for Language Studies (ISLS), and the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI). Dr. Wang is a SIG Co-Chair of NABE for 2020. Dr. Wang has been awarded several grants, such as the Richard and Camille Sinatra Endowment Grant, the Global Conference Grant, and the Summer Support of Research Grant. Dr. Wang is also a Principal Investigator for a New York City Department of Education MTAC # R1211-Title I Nonpublic Schools Supplemental Instructional Services grant entitled “Resilience, Access, and Imagination for Success in Education” (Project RAISE), which, if awarded, will provide nearly $1.5 million in services for underprivileged school children who attend non-public schools in New York City. In addition, Dr. Wang is a Principal Investigator for a Spencer Foundation grant entitled “Improving the Lives and Education of Satellite Baby Students through an Examination of the Influence of Their Lived Experiences on Their Teachers’ Positioning, Agency, and Pedagogy,” which, if awarded, will provide $50,000 in research on teachers of English language learners, especially of satellite baby students. Dr. Wang has taught several courses, including EDU 9001 Foundations of Bilingual and Second Language Education, EDU 9002 Psychology and Sociology of Language and Bilingualism, EDU 9006 Human Development in Cross-Cultural Perspective, EDU 9010 Linguistics for Teachers of English Language and Exceptional Learners, and EDU 9012 Methods of Language and Academic Assessment for English Language and Exceptional Learners.

Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests TESOL, Second Language Acquisition and Development, Positioning and Agency, Multiculturalism and Multilingualism, Authentic Assessment, Critical Pedagogy, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Literacies, and Chinese Literature.

Research Interests

Research Interests TESOL, Second Language Acquisition and L2 Learners’ Identity Negotiation, Bilingual and Biliteracy, Multimodality and L2 Literacies, Positioning and Agency, Multiculturalism and Multilingualism, and Translanguaging

Courses Taught

  • TESOL, SLA, and L2 Learners' Identity Negotiation