Marian Maskulak

Associate Professor
S.T.D., 2008 Regis College, Toronto, Theology and SpiritualityPh.D., 2005 University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Theology and SpiritualityS.T.L., 2002 Regis College, Toronto, Theology and SpiritualityM.A., 1990 Fordham University, Religious EducationB.S., 1976 Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA, Secondary Education – Mathematics

American Academy of Religion
Catholic Theological Society of America
College Theology Society
International Association for the Study of the Philosophy of Edith Stein
Theta Alpha Kappa – National Honor Society for Religious Studies and Theology

Courses taught at St. John’s University

Undergraduate Courses:

THE 1000 C    Perspectives on Christianity: A Catholic Approach
THE 2110        Reading the Old Testament
THE 2200       The Mystery of God
THE 2400       Christian Spirituality and Mysticism
THE 3240       Women and Theology
THE 3400       Spirituality of the Educator
THE 4990       Seminar

HON 1050 C  Perspectives on Christianity: A Catholic Approach
HON 2400      Christian Spirituality and Mysticism
Graduate Courses:

THE 430         Women and the Christian Tradition
THE 532         Christian Spirituality in Historical Perspective
THE 835         Christian Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry


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Book Chapters and Articles

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