Jeffrey W. Fagen

Dean EmeritusProfessor of Psychology

Dr. Fagen received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972 from the City College of New York with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. He received his Master of Science (1974) and Doctor of Philosophy (1976) degrees in developmental psychology from Rutgers University. He was an assistant professor of psychology at Northern Illinois University from 1976-1979 after which he returned to Rutgers University to assume the position of Research Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Carolyn Rovee-Collier. Dr. Fagen joined the faculty of St. John’s University as an associate professor of psychology in 1981 and was promoted to professor in 1990. He chaired the Department of Psychology at St. John’s from 1990-2000 when he became the Dean of St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. John’s University. Dr. Fagen currently serves on the editorial boards of Infant Behavior and Development and Child Development Research. He is a fellow of the of the General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Divisions of the American Psychological Association. He serves as a frequent accreditation site visitor for the American Psychological Association and has served on the Association’s Accreditation Appeals Panel. He is also a licensed psychologist in the State of New York.

Research Interests
Dr. Fagen’s research interests are in developmental psychology and developmental psychobiology with special emphasis on infant behavior and development. His infant research has focused on learning and memory in human and nonhuman infants, the effects of early experience on later behavior, the predictability of infant behaviors to behaviors in later childhood, the influence of temperament on infant behavior, and the determinants of learning, attention, and retention in normal, high-risk, and handicapped infants.

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