Gina Castle Bell

Associate Professor

Dr. Gina R. Castle is a tenure-track Assistant Professor at Saint John’s University located in Queens, in New York City. Dr. Castle earned her PhD from George Mason University in May 2012. Her MA degree work focused on Interpersonal Communication with a specialization in active listening and romantic relationship communication, which she earned from the University of Central Florida, in December 2008. She also earned a double major in Political Science and Interpersonal Communication from the University of Central Florida in December, 2006. As a Professor, her areas of expertise are interracial communication, intercultural communication, and research methods and methodology. Dr. Castle’s research interests surround the interpersonal communication of race-related social justice issues on the macro and micro levels. She explores the ways in which racism is communicated and is particularly interested in interracial communication challenges between Black and White community members in the North American context. She has taught the following courses throughout her career: Public Speaking; Romance and Communication; Communication Research Methods; and Qualitative Research Methods; Persuasion and Rhetoric of Social Movements; Race, Communication, and Identity; Black Communication and Identity; Interracial Communication; and Interpersonal Communication. Dr. Castle can be contacted over email at: [email protected].