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Sofia Fasos Korahais

Assistant Professor
Mass Communication

Sofia Fasos Korahais is the Director of the Public Relations program and an Assistant Professor in the division as well as a published author. She graduated cum laude from Queens College CUNY with a BA in Media Studies. She went on to receive a Master's degree from New York University in Media Ecology and is a doctoral student at the European Graduate School, Switzerland.  Her doctoral research centers around Europe’s reforms on higher education and pressures felt by individual countries. This convergence does not take in to account the fundamental principles of autonomy and diversity of many European countries, forcing the philosophical question- Who Owns Education? Sofia, the daughter of Greek immigrants, specifically addresses Greece's challenges in converging due to their unique history, philosophy and culture. Her strong ties to the country have influenced her work, her life and her teaching.


Sofia continues to have a strong presence in public relations in the Greek community, as PR practitioner for the Hellenic Federation of a Greater NY and as Coordinator of Athens Square Park to name a few.