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Richard R. Thomas

Associate Professor
Mass Communication

Richard "Rex" Thomas is an Associate Professor at St. John’s University.  He designed, and is currently, the Director of the Bachelor’s of Science program in Photojournalism and Digital Media Design, as well as created the minor in Dramatic Arts.  From 2013 - 2016, he was Chair of the Division of Mass Communication.  Thomas is also a narrative artist, working extensively in the performing, visual and literary arts.  Recent exhibitions include: The Lynch Tham Gallery (NYC), The Bravinlee Gallery (NYC), The George Segal Gallery (Montclair State University), The Garden State International Film Festival, Studio 33 (NJ), andThe Area Gallery (University of Southern Maine).  Thomas has also staged his original plays at The No Smoking Playhouse (NYC), Theatre 22 (NYC), Playhouse on the Mall (NJ), Paul Sorvino's American Stage Company (NJ), and Studio 8 (University of London). His documentary short, New World Order: Images From The Gulf War received the International Psychohistorian Association’s Emilio Bernabe Award. He has also directed a full-length documentary on jazz radio, 2nd Line and Rebirth, and live-action film, The Salesman.  Currently, Thomas is working on an animated film/graphic novel based on The Salesman.