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Richard M. Frankel, J.D.

Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, and Homeland Security
J.D., Quinnipiac Law School

Mr. Frankel comes to St. John’s University as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, and Homeland Security. A graduate of Ithaca College, Quinnipiac Law School, and several senior executive programs, Mr. Frankel’s government service began as Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk County, NY. He served for more than 25 years in public service, the majority of his career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A recognized authority in complexinvestigations, asset recovery, cyber issues and crisis management, Mr. Frankel also provides regular insight on terrorism, criminal, and intelligence related matters. Mr. Frankel also directed multiagency initiatives and major response to threats against persons and property, while developing extensive liaison programs through outreach to entities in the public, private, academic, and nonprofit sectors, as well as with community groups. In addition, he served as the Associate Director of National Intelligence and Senior FBI Representative to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence with the responsibility for overseeing and managing domestic intelligence relationships. In this position, Mr. Frankel worked to increase interaction and cooperation between the law enforcement community and the greater intelligence community as it related to identifying and working against cyber threats. Mr. Frankel’s research interests are centered on counterterrorism, national security, and transnational organized crime.