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Minna Aslama Horowitz

Assistant Professor
Mass Communication

Minna Aslama Horowitz is currently Visiting Fellow at the Media Lab, LeGroup on educational technologies, at Aalto University, Finland. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki and has taken part in several international research activities in the past decade, including comparative work based on the Open Society Foundation‘s global Mapping Digital Media project (2009-13). From 2010-11 she served as a Policy Fellow at the New America Foundation, Washington, DC, and 2008-2009 as the Program Officer for the Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere of the Social Science Research Council, New York. Her recent research includes conceptualizing participation in the web 2.0 era, public service media and content diversity, and media policy flows in the globalizing media environment. In addition, she is especially interested in new forms of collaboration emerging in relation to the media justice and reform movements.n 2011 with Philip Napoli, she edited a book on scholar-activist collaborations