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Mary Morris

Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D., Fordham University
J.D., Hofstra University
M.A., Fordham University

Doctor Morris has had a varied and eclectic career.   She taught French language and literature at Cathedral College, practiced law, ran the family business, and has appeared on Cable Television for many years discussing literature and film.   Doctor Morris serves in Village Government  as Vice-Chair of the Design Committee which approves the design of houses and landscaping of properties in the community.   She is also an avid painter.  Doctor Morris teaches the Art of Film I and II as well as a course on Racism in Film and Sexism in Film.

From a family of artists, mother, aunt and grandmother, Mary Lee started painting only a few years ago.  Her background is quite varied; she received a Ph.D. in Romance Languages from Fordham University in 1970 and taught French at Cathedral College for 12 years.   Next she went to law school, graduated in 1982 and practiced law  for 5 years with a specialty in real estate and wrote condo and coop plans for the Attorney General’s Office.   When her dad passed away, Mary Lee took over the family hosiery business selling socks to the large  wholesale clubs Costco and Price Club for the following eight years.  She designed an athletic sock, acquired a patent on the design and sold the socks abroad.   Throughout her time at law school, practicing law and in her years in the business world, Mary Lee continued her study of foreign languages, studying German and Italian.     She was also a frequent guest on the cable television program of Father Robert Lauder on Telecare and other local channels.    Subjects of discussion included the Catholic Novel and film.   This experience led to yet another adventure, teaching Creativity and the Arts and film at St. Johns University in the Fine Arts Department.   Mary Lee’s experiences as a member of the creative team at St. Johns for the past 14 years  where she was surrounded by artists and sculptors, helped create a spark which led her to begin painting.    She studied with local artists at first and then began a three year apprenticeship under a Professor at the University who specialized in color theory.     For the past two years she has painted with a group of artists on the Northshore while continuing to study with various teachers to perfect her painting skills.   What is most unusual about Doctor Morris is that with her eclectic background, she is able to both paint a picture of a movie using the eyes of an artist, as well as develop an appreciation of  film as a literary work  and as a portrait of   language and words.