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Mark J. Juszczak, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor
Mass Communication
Ed.D., Organizational Innovation, Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Juszczak comes to St. John’s University as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Mass Communication. He earned his Ed.D. in organizational innovation, with a focus on cognition, search, and knowledge creation, from Teachers College at Columbia University. He holds a master’s degree from Warsaw University in international politics with a focus on the intersection of advanced technology innovation and politics. He was a visiting researcher at The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw, Poland, and has taught courses in public relations and communications at St. John’s University for the past three years. Dr. Juszczak has worked as a strategic consultant for more than 15 years in two areas: research and development consulting and international organizational development and communication for a broad range of SMEs and Fortune 500s. Within research and development consulting, he has worked broadly in computational research strategies for companies and public sector organizations in the United States, Europe, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. His academic research interests fall into two areas: applied epistemology (genetic phenomenology, perception, and its impact on systems, cognitive search heuristics, sourcing diversity, and stochastic approaches to problem solving) and, in communications, emergent technologies of search and exploration.