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Lisa Papi

Adjunct Associate Professor
Art and Design
M.F.A., City College of New York
B.A., Institute of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian born Liza Renia Papi moved to New York as an international correspondent for major Brazilian magazines, Blocheditors, and Abril Publishers. Papi holds a B.A. in Art History fromUERJ- and an MFA, in Visual Arts from CUNY. Studiedcontemporary dance with Ivy Epstein at June Lewis Co. Papi is a student at IDSVA - Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. Lectured on Popular Culture, and taught courses for El Museo delBarrio, the Queens Museum of Art, and at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum. She works for LEAP-Public Arts Program and teaches Art Appreciation as an Adjunct Associate Professor, St. John’s University since 2002. Papi’s art style is contemporary focusing on installation and mixedmedia painting. She is part of the traveling exhibitions “Artists Archive: “The Alternet” curated by Carla Rae Johnson. She is a published author at Rizzoli International editors, Carnavália, African Folklore and Crafts; The Vanishing Beetles, City College; and Folkloric Short Stories for LEAPublishers. The last curatorial exhibition From Brazil &, Cuba to New York City, Gallery35, NYC. 2014. symposium/exhibition was Oral Tradition Symposium, Nov. 2013. Cordel Literature, Nov. 2014 and 2012; Between Light and Shadow, 2011; at the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts. African Influences on Contemporary Altars in the Americas, 2008, Geoffrey Yet Art Gallery: with a related lecture at the VI International of Ritual and Representation in Havana, Cuba, February 2009.