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Judith Ryder

Associate Professor
Graduate Director for Criminology & Justice
Sociology and Anthropology
Ph.D., City University of New York

Judith Ryder, (Ph.D., City University of New York) Associate Professor, specializes in gender and family violence, has a broad background in criminology with a concentration in violence and trauma among adolescents considered within psychosocial and feminist theoretical frameworks.  She is the author of Girls and Violence, Tracing the Roots of Criminal Behavior (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2013), in which she constructs a theoretical model of the dynamics underlying girls’ anti-social behaviors.  Her research has been published in numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed journals including Crime and Delinquency, Critical Criminology, Feminist Criminology, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, and Women and Criminal Justice. In 2014, Dr. Ryder commenced a Visiting Fellowship at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Glasgow. A member of the editorial board of Contemporary Justice Review since 2008, Dr. Ryder also served as Editor-in-Chief of Criminal Justice Abstracts (2000-2010).

Grounded in community activism, Dr. Ryder’s scholarship has contributed to student participation in community-based projects, including the development of surveys for a teen drop-in center and providing tutoring for recently released offenders. She also has coordinated the annual campus Clothesline Project to raise awareness of violence against women and girls.

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[email protected]

St. John Hall, Room 444K