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Hon. Francis G. Conrad

Adjunct Professor
Fordham University School of Law

Partner,Insolvency Practice of Bederson and Company LLP, Certified Public Accountants
Counsel, Law Firm of Jager Smith, in Boston

Judge Conrad is a partner in the Insolvency Practice of Bederson and Company LLP, Certified Public Accountants, and counsel to the Law Firm of Jager Smith, in Boston MA. Judge Conrad is an Adjunct Professor of Law and previously served as a member of the full time faculty as a Visiting Professor for the Spring 2003 term. Judge Conrad is a retired bankruptcy judge. He also sat by designation in the Northern, Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, the District of Columbia, Colorado, Maryland, ND of Indiana, Southern Districts of California and Florida.

Judge Conrad is a graduate of Fordham University School of Law and a Certified Public Accountant. Judge Conrad served as Treasurer of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges and serves as Chair of the Business Law Subcommittee of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Judge Conrad is sought after to lecture on and to draft the bankruptcy laws of other nations, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. He is the author of Dot.coms in Bankruptcy Valuations Under Title 11 or www.Snipehunt in the Dark.noreorg/, 9 AM. BANKR. INST. L. REV. 417 (2001); and the co-author of Exorcising Executoriness: Functionalist Arguments and Incantations to Avoid Meeting the Devil in the Woods, 1995-1996 NORTON ANN. SURV. BANKR. L. 137; and A Critique of the Bankruptcy Court Time Study, 67 AM. BANKR. L.J. 49 (1993), and numerous other articles. Judge Conrad is an active domestic and international arbitrator and mediator. He serves as an expert on bankruptcy and commercial matters.

Judge Conrad teaches Bankruptcy Procedure, Comparative Bankruptcy Systems and Bankruptcy Accounting (with Professor Ventricelli).