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George Larkins

Assistant Professor
Art and Design

My arts education began in my own independent study of photography and the world of image production as a photo assistant.  I was drawn to the storytelling properties of images and in the way that an image could challenge a viewer’s thinking, sense of self, and understanding of the world. I then was fortunate enough to attend the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where I earned my B.F.A. in Photography.  This program introduced me to the primacy of concept development, the power of research, and the discipline of honing technical competence to carry out my vision in my work.  Later, during my M.F.A. program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, I began to expand from the analog into the digital world of image making, first through an investigation of digital photography, then through experimenting with Photoshop and motion graphics software for time-based digital image-making. My thesis show combined large-format photography and prints with a digital video piece that depicted time, beauty and decay. The digital video portrayed individual journeys through an urban setting, and introduced images of insects and type elements to represent archival records of time.

My training has enabled me to create digital art over the years through my own art studio, GRL Studio.  I have created digital visual components for live dance and music performance pieces.  I have created short films that weave together film imagery and digital components, such as type and geometric and organic shapes.  I have infused my commercial work with my interest in the tension between the appealing and disturbing, and I continue to find the combination of the analog and the digital endlessly inspiring. I have been active in my professional development through coursework at the International Center of Photography, School of Visual Arts, and New York University in Lightroom, After Effects, and project management. Last summer, I was a selected participant in the School of Visual Arts Residency Program in Sculpture and New Media, and I was chosen as a highlighted artist by a Venezuelan television feature of the program’s exhibition as well as in SVA’s own media blasts.

I have also worked over the last ten years as an instructor of digital and electronic arts at St. John’s University and the Art Institute School of New York City.  I have taught courses in motion graphics, media history, graphic design, video art, and photography and I have found teaching compels me to remain current and engaged in my art practice.  I cannot stand in front of a group of students without my own work to show, without my own practice and engagement in creativity to reference.  I am looking forward to translating my latest digital art pieces into projection mapping installations onto 3-D surfaces, and to continue to make art that uses the electronic to communicate the emotional, the mental, and the physical questions of the nature of life and the realities of the mind.