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Fred P. Cocozzelli

Associate Professor
Government and Politics
PhD., New School for Social Research, Comparative Politics and Political Theory
MIA, 1999, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs
BA, Catholic University of America, World Politics

Fred P. Cocozzelli, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor of Government and Politics at St. John’s University. He researches and writes on multilateral interventions, post-conflict reconstruction, social policy, minority rights, and the politics of Kosovo and the greater Balkans. He is the author of War and Social Welfare: Reconstruction after Conflict, a number of academic articles, and a contributor to Social Policy and International Interventions in Southeastern Europe. From July 1999 to August 2000 he worked as a senior field officer for humanitarian assistance and a consultant in Kosovo. He holds a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, and a PhD in political science from the New School for Social Research.