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Frank Le Veness

Government and Politics
Ph.D., St. John's University
M.A., St. John’s University
B.S.c., St. John’s University

Frank Le Veness, PhD. is a Professor of Government and Politics at St. John’s University. He received a BS, MA and PhD from St. John’s University. His research interests include Caribbean and Latin American Politics and Integration, comparative systems; Puerto Rico; Methodology, development politics, and international political economy.  He has received numerous honors including: Pietas, Outstanding Achievement for Faculty, Outstanding Alumni Achievement, International; Eisenhower Award, ROTC; Distinguished Service Award, Caribbean Studies Assoc. (San Juan); Certificate of Merit, Governor of New York;  Global Achievement Award, Global Business and Technology Assoc. (Moscow); Andrew J. Bartilucci excellence award. He is the author of numerous presentations and publications, including, coeditor, Women Leaders in Contemporary U.S. Politics.