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Carmine P. Gibaldi

Administration and Economics
Ed.D., – Academic Leadership, Columbia University
ME.d., - Higher Education, Columbia University
M.A. - Organizational Psychology, Columbia University
M.D.P. - Management Development
M.B.A. - Management, St. John's University
B.A., - Psychology, St. John’s University

Dr. Gibaldi is a Professor of Management & Organizational Psychology.  He also has an ongoing consulting practice that addresses issues related to organizational change, leadership, training & development, and executive coaching.  Dr. Gibaldi is an expert in areas related to better understanding people in the workplace, managing people at work, higher education, & understanding the adult learner.  He has delivered over 40 papers at international conferences addressing issues related to Management & Organizational Behavior, and Higher Education & College Teaching.  His most recent papers address Applying Neuroscience to Management, & Using Transformational Learning with Adult Learners.  His present research includes “Fear in The Workplace”; “Examining Cultural Implications for Organizational Behavior”; and “Leadership in the 21st Century”. His most recent publication is an article entitled “The Changing Trends of Retirement:Baby Boomers Leading the Charge”.

Dr. Gibaldi has received received awards for service, and teaching excellence.  He presently serves as the board Chair for the Sansone Foundation a NYC not-for-profit foundation providing social service referral services, supporting education to the less advantaged, and working to foster and build tolerance in NYC.

Dr. Gibaldi