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Andrea Licari

Administration and Economics
D.P.S., Pace University
B.S., M.B.A., St. John’s University

Dr. Licari has been teaching both Management and Marketing at St. John's University. She has chaired the creation of the Hospitality, Real Estate and Fashion course development at the university. Dr. Licari previously came from an international career in marketing, working for global corporations such as Trans World Airlines (now American Airlines), Union Carbide and Prudential Securities. Dr. Licari is a Fulbright scholar and a United States Study Center (USSC) scholar.  Her specialized research has been in the training field of game and simulation theory, linking theory to application. She started her interest in Game Theory when she was a consultant for the Army ROTC program. Her research is in the field of using business games as a teaching method, and in which she has written two books. Dr Licari was Chairperson for Innovative Curriculum Development for Management Education Development and is a member of the International Management Education Committee of the Academy of Management. She has had global experience as a student in France and extensive travel throughout Western, Eastern Europe and North Africa. She has accompanied students abroad and has taught in France, Spain, Italy and Hungary.  She is both a university career coach and a mentor for student career decisions.