More Information

Andrea Bergman

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Emory University

Educational Background
B.S., 1980, Cornell Univeristy, Human Development and Family Studies
Ph.D., 1989, Emory University, Clinical Psychology

Research Interests
Dr. Bergman's research interests are focused on the application of empirically validated treatments for underserved populations, such as emerging adults who have dropped out of high school and are experiencing multiple problems. Currently, she is involved in the development of a treatment program for emerging adults who have experienced problems such as academic failure, exposure to trauma, and substance abuse.  Dr. Bergman is also interested in phenomenology and comorbidity in psychopathology.

Bergman, A., and Kong, G. GED Attainment, Externalizing Disorders, and Substance     Use Disorders in Disconnected Emerging Adults. Manuscript submitted for review.  

Bergman, A. (2010). From the outside, looking in. Women & Therapy, 33(3), 281-285.  

Kong, G., & Bergman,A. (2010). A social-motivational model of problematic drinking in emerging adulthood. Addictive Behavior, 35, 855-860.  

Owens, M., & Bergman, A. (2010) Alcohol use, misuse and antisocial behavior during late adolescence: Characteristics of a sample attending a GED program. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, 19(1), 78-98.    

Recent student projects:  


Amy Walker: Mixed methods analysis of psychological well-being in disconnected emerging adults.  Completed, 6/2014.

Tara Gilhooly:  PTSD, Substance Use and Family Environment in disconnected emerging adults.  Completed, 6/2014.

Michelle Pelcovitz: Familial Support as a Protective Factor of Long-Term Psychological Well-Being in Physically Abused Adolescents.  Completed, 5/2015.

Kristen Courtney: Qualitative Analysis of Service-related Needs of Emerging Adults in Housing First Supportive Housing Programs.  In process. 


Master’s Theses (Doctoral Students) 

Michelle Pelcovitz: Social and emotional functioning of young adults—family environment, trauma severity and Academic outcomes. Completed, 3/2013.

Alana Moses:  Defining barriers to General Education Development (GED) attainment for Emerging Adults. Completed, 3/2013.

Sloan Strike:  Family environment, trauma, and substance use: Prediction of GED attainment.  Completed, 3/2015.

Kristen Courtney: ADHD symptom clusters and trauma in young adults at a General Education Development program. Completed, 3/2015.

Joshua Stieber: Patient Preference and Knowledge of CBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  In process.

Naama Sarig: Family environment and PTSD clusters in the prediction of GED attainment.  In process.