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High School Guidance Counselors

As student advisement professionals, you are providing your students with the necessary advice and support throughout their high school years. Much like the acclimation experienced at the beginning of high school, students must adjust to the new and unique environment of higher education.

The University Freshman Center is charged with providing a full range of advisement services, both academic and non-academic. Our advisors are full-time and are ready and willing to assist your students with the rigors and demands of higher education.  

Each first-year student will be assigned a personal advisor in the University Freshman Center. This individual will be available to assist the student with any aspect of his or her transition to college. Specifically, the advisor will develop an academic plan, tailored to each student’s unique goals. As the student’s primary contact, the advisor will make regular outreach to ensure that the student is engaged and acclimating to University life. Through the assistance of their advisor, each student will have access to a large number of support services and leadership opportunities, designed to help the student succeed academically, socially and personally.

We realize the incredible amount of effort and dedication you have demonstrated in ensuring that your students are well-prepared for their years of higher education. The University Freshman Center strives to continue this level of guidance and support as these young men and woman embark upon the next phase of their educational careers.

For further information or to speak with an advisor, please contact the University Freshman Center at 718-990-5858, 5809 or 2772.