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Current Freshmen

St. John's University Freshmen
Beginning your college career is an exciting and memorable time in your life. You will meet new people, see new sights and savor new experiences. Whether you commute to or reside on campus, a new world awaits you. The cornerstone of support throughout your first year is the University Freshman Center and your advisor.

We realize that college can be quite different from high school.  You must now adjust to the new demands expected of you by your professors.  This is reflected in the various assignments and exams you will be given in the approximately 15 week long semesters.  You will need to demonstrate time management and strong study habits to achieve your goals during your first year of studies. In addition to your academic transition, you will have the opportunity to grow socially, personally and spiritually.  

Your personal advisor will do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition to St. John’s.  They “know the ropes” and would like nothing better than to assist you in achieving success.

Stop by at any time.  Remember, it’s your University Freshman Center!
We are located in St. Augustine Hall (University Library), Room 104 and may be reached at 718-990-5858.

Make an appointment with your advisor online by clicking the link in their email signature.

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