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GEAR UP Program

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs


The mission of the St. John’s University GEAR UP program is to serve as a vehicle that will enable academically and/or economically disadvantaged students to graduate middle and high school and pursue post secondary education. Through a broad range of academic and social support services, we will provide our students with a solid academic background that will enable them to succeed and become lifelong learners and productive citizens of society.


  • Provide information to students and parents about college options, required courses and financial aid
  • Help ensure that all students have access to rigorous courses that prepare them for college
  • Develop a solid academic foundation for college
  • Promote strategies and activities for increased parent involvement
  • Provide support to students through mentoring, counseling and tutoring
  • Provide ongoing teacher training and professional development
  • Establish meaningful partnerships within the community

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