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Strategic Priorities Working Group

Between November 2014 and October 2015, the SPWG completed an intensive process, engaging over a thousand members of the university community to solicit feedback and input in developing a university-wide Action Plan addressing our four strategic priorities identified by President Gempesaw in his investiture address:

  • Ensure student success
  • Recruit, recognize, and retain the best faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Enhance our teaching and learning environment
  • Expand global and community partnerships

We thank you for your enthusiasm for this process and your willingness to contribute.  From your postings on our website and participation in our listening sessions, interviews, focus groups, and retreats we have developed a university-wide plan identifying four specific action steps associated with each strategic priority. 

After several months of gathering input from all corners of the university community, the SPWG distributed a first draft of the Strategic Priorities Action Plan in June.  The deans and unit leaders then began developing individual college- and division-specific unit plans, with the goal of converting the university-wide strategic priorities into measurable action steps and targets at the unit-level.  In the meantime, the SPWG held a series of retreats and meetings with the members of Board of Trustees, the President’s Advisory Council (PAC), and the Academic and Administrative Assembly (AAA) to further refine the the plan.  The revised Strategic Priorities Action Plan was unanimously adopted by the Board of Trustees during its October 2015 meeting.

The Strategic Priorities Action Plan, which can be downloaded here, reflects the broad-based and inclusive process through which it was developed.  At its heart is a commitment to shared ownership and shared responsibility that will promote academic excellence, advance our mission, and ensure student success.  The Strategic Priorities Action Plan is a living document designed to address university-level priorities and action steps.  We expect that most of the action steps will lead to measurable targets that will allow us to determine if we are successful in meeting our strategic priorities.  However, these university-level action steps must now be operationalized and implemented at the unit level. 

As you read the plan, we ask that you consider how best you can serve our students and support the strategic efforts of your unit and the university at large.  We also ask that you assist the academic and administrative leaders in developing specific action steps and targets.  By working together to translate priorities into action steps and measurable targets, we take shared ownership to make St. John’s an even better university than it is today.  We do so with a renewed commitment to ensuring student success and academic excellence within the context of our Catholic, Vincentian, Metropolitan, and Global mission.

Currently, the Strategic Priorities Review Team is evaluating our progress on each of the four strategic priorities. We look forward to translating our plan into action together with the entire St. John’s community.  Thank you.

Gina & Mike

Gina M. Florio, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry and Physics
Michael A. Simons, Dean & John V. Brennan Professor of Law and Ethics, School of Law