Rene Christian ‘09CPS

Rene Christian ‘09CPS headshot

Rene Christian ‘09CPS thanks St. John’s for helping him to realize his dream of a career in computer security systems. A graduate of the College of Professional Studies, he chose St. John’s because of its location and academic reputation.

 “As an international student from the Caribbean, I was nervous about going to school in New York City,” he said. However, when I saw the remarkably green campus, I felt confident that this University was the place for me.”

Through summer computer security internships, Rene received hands-on experience and in-depth, class instruction that boosted his chances of gaining employment in the very competitive field.

Rene advises students obtaining their degree to “do something that you love. If you are undecided, find out what you are passionate about and stick with it regardless of what anyone says.” He believes that in order to become successful in the computer security field, “you must challenge yourself, do extra readings, research and seek out internships in the beginning of your college career.”

He also credits his well-rounded education with community service. “Community service is what Rene loves most about life at St. John’s University.” By volunteering at  Campus Ministry, he had the opportunity to serve the disadvantaged and uphold the Vincentian mission. Service kept him humble and instilled a solid value system and hard work is the road to success.

Rene participated in at least one large service project a year during his years at the University.  “The strong emphasis on service combined with the many different opportunities available can leave an indelible mark on any student’s heart.”

His final piece of advice: “Never give up! School can get tough, but if you persevere you will reap great rewards.”