Museum Administration Graduate Launches Career in Online Auctions

Alina Gainetdinova

M.A. Museum Administration

Just one year after graduating from the Master of Arts (M.A.) program in Museum Administration, Alina Gainetdinova has built a successful career in global auctions. Ms. Gainetdinova is an account manager at Barnebys, the largest search engine for art and antiques in the world.

Alina Gainetdinova ‘18G came to St. John’s University from Russia, where the opportunities for arts education and employment in the field are limited. After several conversations with Professor and Graduate Director Susan Rosenberg, Ph.D., Ms. Gainetdinova made the decision to enroll in the program.

“The Museum Administration program was very good preparation for working in the art world,” Alina said. “We went on field trips and met with current art professionals and were always close to the field, not only theoretically but practically.”

Barnebys – a Swedish company that has expanded into global markets – is the first to connect auction houses and dealers with a comprehensive online directory of art and antiques. Around the world, the market for art and antiques has grown, and there is a need to connect buyers and objects through an accessible platform.

As account manager Alina works with auction houses and galleries to create online marketing campaigns and increase their visibility across global markets.

Previously, Ms. Gainetdinova held a full-time position at Shapiro Auctions, where she completed an internship as a St. John’s graduate student. After her supervisors observed her skills in client relations, they immediately offered her a job as receptionist and then auction manager for online auctions, specializing in Russian art. When the company expanded and relocated, Ms. Gainetdinova sought out new opportunities with Barnebys.

“Now I’m working with not one auction house, but with thousands of auction houses and getting to know a lot of people in the art world,” she said.

As part of the master’s program, Ms. Gainetdinova also gained experience building exhibitions in St. John’s Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery.

“My fellow graduates and I were very prepared for what to expect in the field and how to react,” she said. “If you want to be in the arts, you should be there, physically present, and St. John’s allowed us to gain that hands-on experience.”