Jennifer Daniel ’07TCB

Jennifer Daniel

Jennifer Daniel was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, with community service being instilled in her at an early age. Starting at the age of five, she accompanied her mother with delivering fresh food to senior citizens on a monthly basis. This tradition continued until she became a preteen. From seventh grade until 12th grade, Ms. Daniel attended Benjamin Banneker Academy High School for Community Development, where she continued serving others through service learning opportunities. She was an active member of the Community Development Corporation nonprofit organization within the school and conducted research projects on prevalent issues within low-income communities including gentrification and sexually transmitted diseases amongst high school students. She also tested homes for lead paint to assess if there was a correlation between lead paint levels and neighborhoods within Brooklyn, NY.

After graduating from high school in 2003, Ms. Daniel attended St. John’s University and majored in Risk Management and Insurance in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business. As a student, she participated in extracurricular activities including Voices of Victory gospel choir and the Student Ambassador program. She also served as a resident assistant.

Ms. Daniel’s passion for travel began at St. John’s University. Her first international trip was a winter abroad during her junior year at Kokushikan University in Tokyo, Japan, through the St. John’s inaugural student exchange program. 

During her senior year at St. John’s University, she interned at Frenkel & Company International Insurance Brokerage and was offered a full-time position after she completed her studies. Although she was excited for this full-time opportunity, Ms. Daniel still had a passion for community development. The day after her graduation, she participated in Campus Ministry’s  Plunge service trip to Santa Clarita, Panama. During those two weeks, she painted a school, helped build an outhouse for an elderly couple, and participated in school learning activities, amongst other service projects. It was a difficult decision to work as an insurance broker after this fulfilling experience, but she accepted the offer with Frenkel & Company.

To supplement her passion for community service, Ms. Daniel volunteered with her church and schools in various capacities. In 2009, she learned about girls not able to attend their prom because they could not afford a dress. To address the need, she organized a prom dress drive and collected 250 dresses and hosted an event for girls to feel like a princess while getting a free prom dress. Since then, this initiative has evolved into an organization called Princess Chambers, Inc. and has provided more than 800 girls with free prom attire. In addition to the prom initiative, Princess Chambers, Inc. has evolved its mission to include providing scholarships and mentoring to girls entering their first year of college.

In 2012, Ms. Daniel left her role as an Account Executive and entered the nonprofit sector to work as a Donor Recruitment Coordinator to help organize bone marrow donor drives for patients living with various blood cancers and disorders. In October 2016, she received an opportunity to work as a counselor at a workforce development program that helps underserved youth in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn, NY. Her primary role was to facilitate professional development and provide additional support to the young adults within the program. Ten months after joining the organization, she was promoted to the Program Director and played an instrumental role in rebuilding the integrity and performance of this program. Today, she has taken on additional leadership roles within the agency and decided to pursue her master’s degree in social work to better serve the community. She will complete her master’s program in May at Columbia University.

Ms. Daniel’s goal in life is to improve the quality of life for others, leave the world a better place, and help young women identify the princess within so they can become the queens they are meant to be.