Chelsea Lipford Wolf ’10CPS

Checking in with Chelsea logo and headshot

Alumna Earns Television and Film Industry Plaudits for Home-Repair Web Series

As more families tackle do-it-yourself (DIY) home-improvement projects, television and online shows providing home-repair tips are attracting new viewers. One web series, Checking In With Chelsea, hosted by Chelsea Lipford Wolf ’10CPS, has been quickly building audience appeal.

On the show, Wolf demonstrates how-to tasks ranging from building storage shelves to removing mildew and mold from the outside of the house. Introduced in July 2014, Checking In has already earned two 2015 Bronze Telly Awards for How-To and Instructional Web Series categories.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team,” said Wolf. “I am enjoying combining what I have learned from my dad (Danny Lipford, National Home Improvement Expert) with what I learned at St. John’s—and my own project ideas.” 

Observing that the program has been drawing the young, female, first-time homeowner demographic, Wolf said that “receiving the added recognition conferred by the Tellys solidifies the value of what we’re doing. I think it confirms that I’m where I should be professionally.  This job is a good match with my skill set, background, and educational training.”

A television and film major at St. John’s, Wolf credits the University with giving her hands-on television-equipment experience, as well as the opportunity to do an internship at CBS. Taking the summer off after graduation and living with her parents in Mobile, AL, while deciding what kind of television position she wanted to pursue, Wolf accepted her father’s invitation to serve as an associate producer for his Emmy-nominated TV show, Today’s Homeowner. 

After Wolf bought an old “fixer-upper” in 2011, she and her father found a way to expand the audience of Today’s Homeowner. The show would feature Wolf’s own repair experiences. They taped six episodes that followed her purchase, updating, and remodeling of the house.  ”We got positive feedback from the very beginning,” she said. 

 As a result, Wolf spun off her own, online DIY series, where she not only shares how she executes home improvements and repairs but, when relevant, information about her personal life. This includes telling viewers about her recent marriage and how it has impacted her choice of projects.  Plans are for her husband to take part in a future episode.

Working in television, Wolf comes across professionals of many backgrounds. In this regard, too, her St. John’s experience has been of assistance. “The University exposed me to a wide spectrum of student backgrounds,” she said.  “This diversity opened my eyes to appreciating both what I have been given in life and how other people live and think. All of which is helping me to connect more easily with a varied audience.”