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Innovation Lab showcase
“At St. John’s, we have student and faculty entrepreneurs working together on research projects with direct socio-economic impact and value. We have the people. This is the time. Today we celebrate the place.”
Students working on computer
One of the University’s Strategic Priorities is to “enhance our teaching and learning environment.” As a result, St. John’s has built a new lab to help students prepare for careers in the multi-million-dollar video gaming industry, as well as use 3D printers to master innovative design technology.
The College of Professional Studies releases their latest view book: "Discover, Innovate & Succeed"
Students of the Institute for International Communication (IICM) visited the MET with Dr.Basilio Monteiro to learn more about Armenia on the Silk Road
One of the major applications of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sport Research (IISR) is the exploration of eSports as a field of academic study and engagement. Currently the institute is funding research on eSport nutrition and host think tanks that will help us identify areas of potential investment. Our research however, would not be complete without experiencing an eSports tournament, live.
A major focus of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Sport Research (IISR) is the promotion of Women in sports science and sports management. The IISR seeks to lend its hand in driving research on and creating opportunities for women and allies of female empowerment. The institute has recently taken on an initiative called “Women in STEM and Sport,” where it exposes high school girls that have a passion for sports to different STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and mathematics courses) careers.
Meet and Greet
On Dec. 6, 2018, students interested in fashion at both the Queens and Staten Island Campuses “met together” using technology to host a “Meet and Greet” for new Fashion Professor Richard Bigger.
CyberForce Students and John Otero
Over the weekend a team of CPS students competed in the Department of Energy’s annual Cyber Defense Competition. The competitors consisted of 68 universities across 7 national laboratories.
November 30, 2018
5 students dressed in ROTC uniform walking
The Red Storm Battalion at St. John’s has commissioned more than 700 officers who have proudly served in the United States Army during every armed conflict since the Vietnam War, as well as in many peacekeeping and humanitarian missions throughout the world.
Surge 2018 - Empowering the BC Industry to Act Now
Dr. Bernard A. Jones served as a general & breakout session presenter at SURGE 2018, Assurance Software Inc’s Customer/User Conference held at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Surge 2018, Lafayette Hill, PA – October 28, 29 & 30.