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2018 Loughlin Society Reception
Loyal alumni and friends of St. John’s University gathered to hear how their generous donations are impacting current students at the annual Loughlin Society reception held at the Manhattan, NY, campus on April 12.
Young Alumni on the Rise
For more than 148 years, St. John’s has prepared students to excel as ethical leaders in their careers and communities.
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St. John’s University Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) hosted their first Professional Networking Series (PNS) program, which focused on millennial career topics that affect recent graduates, on March 14. The event also provided opportunities for networking and engagement.
March 14, 2018
We are the defenders
Meet three St. John’s graduates who embraced the University’s Vincentian mission of service by protecting their neighbors, communities, and nation.
Piracha Family
What is better than having one member of the Piracha family among College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences alumni? Having four family members, of course!
Katia Passerini, Ph.D., PMP
On the occasion of the release of our Spring newsletter, I would like to share some reflections by travelling back to our first newsletter in Fall 2016 in which I referred to one of my favorite quotes from Kurt Lewin (paraphrased): it takes a lot of theory to make a good practice. And travel back we must since I want to share with you, students, alumni, faculty, and friends, our most recent journey towards increasing relevance and rigor in our academic programs....
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Across colleges, many can’t say they keep in touch with alumni from their alma mater. That’s not the case for St. John’s University.
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It’s that time of the year again! The Office of Gift Planning is set to return to the sunshine state. Florida Alumni Socials, which are set to take place March 5 to March 18, will kindle new friendships and spark conversations on what’s happening now at St. John’s University.
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Beyond the walls of St. John’s University, fraternities and sororities reunite in Florida. Not only will they share memories, but also enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Naples. The Office of Gift Planning and Alumni Relations welcomes back the school spirit illuminating from many, especially alumni from our University’s sororities and fraternities.
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Members of The McCallen and Loughlin Societies, joined by students, professors, and friends of St. John’s University, enjoyed a taste of Argentinean culture at the Romance of Spanish Food and Wine event on Saturday, February 3.