Meet the Class of 2024

August 4, 2020

With their first days as undergraduates only weeks away, the newest members of the St. John’s community—the Class of 2024—eagerly anticipate the start of the fall semester. For each student, the story behind his or her decision to attend the University is as unique as the path each will take once their St. John’s journey officially begins.  

“We are delighted to welcome St. John’s Class of 2024 to the University,” said Jorge L. Rodriguez, Vice Provost and Chief Enrollment Officer. “This class is an impressive one and includes top students from a diverse mix of public, Catholic, and private high schools.”

“Choosing a college is a difficult and important decision, and we are pleased that so many high school seniors have decided to become a part of the growing St. John’s University family.”  

As they proudly represent the future of the University, the Class of 2024 shared insight about why they chose St. John’s, as well as what they hope to accomplish as Johnnies. 

Nicolette Guida

Xaverian High School 
Biomedical Sciences 

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Nicolette Guida is the second member of her immediate family to attend St. John’s, following in the footsteps of her mother, who graduated from the University in 1991. When it came time to select a college, faith and family both played pivotal roles in her decision.

“As a daughter of a Johnny, I always heard so many wonderful stories of my mother’s college experience, and I want to continue that legacy,” she said. “As a student who has been enrolled in a Catholic education throughout my entire academic career, it was important to continue my studies at a Catholic university, as well.”

During her first tour of campus, Nicolette felt a strong connection to the University. “From the moment I set foot on campus, I felt an immediate sense of comfort,” she recalled. “Every minute I spent on the tour, my excitement grew. I saw the endless opportunities that St. John’s University would offer me.”

With the start of classes less than a month away, Nicolette is eager to begin the next chapter of her life. “I hope to challenge myself academically and prepare myself for my future,” she said.

“I look to grow in terms of knowledge and faith—and also as a person. I cannot wait for my first year at St. John’s to begin.”  

Michael Marceda

Lynbrook High School
Government and Politics

When Michael Marceda committed to St. John’s University in the spring, he became the third member of his family to join the St. John’s community. His brother, Andrew, who is a year older than him, is a sophomore at the University, and their mother earned her bachelor’s degree from The School of Education in 1996. 

While his family’s history with the University played a role in his decision to attend, St. John’s location was the ultimate deciding factor.

“I chose St. John’s because I really enjoyed the campus and its proximity to the city,” Michael said.

“I attended a shadow event with my brother last year and was able to spend the day at St. John’s as a student. It was through that experience that I realized how much I enjoyed the campus and the community.”

Michael is eager to begin the semester and will major in Government and Politics, with the intention of enrolling in law school after earning his bachelor’s degree. “Naturally, I hope to meet new people and make new friends,” he said. “My plan is to work hard, get good grades, graduate from St. John’s, and then be admitted into St. John’s School of Law.”  

Khadijah Rahim

The Calhoun School

Khadijah Rahim’s interest in St. John’s began long ago.

“From the age of 12, St. John’s University really caught my attention,” she explained.

“I remember driving past the Queens campus and thinking, ‘It would be great to go to college there!’”

Now she fulfills her long-standing wish to become a part of the St. John’s community.

While her initial attraction to the University was based on a view from a car window, her ultimate decision to enroll was based on myriad factors. “I wanted to find a place that was close to home and had a great biology program,” she said. “In addition, I wanted a college that had both a Muslim community and an Indo-Caribbean community. St. John’s made that all possible.”

Khadijah’s first time inside St. John’s gates was when she explored the residential campus during an Open House.

“I hear people talk about ‘the feeling’ they get when they walk around a college campus and they know it is the one for them,” said Khadijah. “Once I walked around campus, explored the buildings, and spoke with students, I was hit with ‘that feeling.’ Every bit of emotion I had rushed forward. I shouted, ‘This is it!’”

This fall, she becomes a first-generation college student—and is eager to make the most of every opportunity she is afforded.

“Neither of my parents attended college, so this is a tremendous opportunity for me,” she said. “St. John’s is the place where I can accomplish everything my parents have dreamed of and where I can turn all my goals into accomplishments. It is an opportunity to branch out, join clubs, and make friends and everlasting memories. I am ready to make the next four, the best four!”

Anthony Romano

East Rockaway High School

Long before his elementary school classmates even thought about high school—let alone college—Anthony Romano had his sights set on becoming a Johnny. Now, as he joins the scores of students who constitute St. John’s Class of 2024, he fulfills a dream that has been years in the making.

“Since I was in elementary school, it has been my goal to attend St. John’s,” said Anthony, a lifelong fan of the Red Storm who has attended countless basketball games at Madison Square Garden and Carnesecca Arena.

“Both my father and my uncle attended the University, so you could say St. John’s is in my DNA.”

While he was quite familiar with the home court of the men’s and women’s basketball teams, Anthony wanted to explore the rest of the Queens, NY, campus, so he attended an Open House last fall. The experience fortified his interest in the University.

“I explored The Peter J. Tobin College of Businessfor the first time and discovered parts of campus I had never seen before,” the Businessmajor said. “It made me want to attend St. John’s even more.”

Anthony will live on campus this fall and looks forward to continuing his family’s St. John’s legacy. “My hopes for my first year at St. John’s are to do exceptionally well in all of my classes and make new friends,” he said. “It is going to be amazing.”