Glenn Gerstner Talks About the Expansion of CCPS Faculty Research

Glenn Gerstner
May 22, 2020

When the Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies (CCPS) was founded in 1962, faculty research was an afterthought. Originally named The Junior College, CCPS offered associate degree programs and was created to serve the interests of academically underprepared students in the spirit of St. Vincent DePaul. Given that charge, college faculty were expected to teach many classes and provide remediation for our students, rather than be productive researchers. Over the years, CCPS changed names a few times (School of General Studies, College of General Studies, St. Vincent’s College, and the College of Professional Studies) and expanded our offerings to include bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs.

The increasing diversity of our degree offerings has required that we recruit faculty members who are not only excellent teachers but also are productive and innovative researchers. Our faculty now engage in research relevant to all of our degree programs, including areas as diverse as data science, sport management, international communication, innovation, fashion studies, homeland security, and many others. I invite you to explore these pages and see what our outstanding faculty are doing to push the limits of human knowledge and awareness.

As a graduate of CCPS, I am proud to see how far our college has progressed since our early days as The Junior College, to today where our 95 full-time faculty serve to educate almost 4000 undergraduate and graduate students. This has only happened through the hard work of our faculty, administrators, and staff, and I am excited to see where the next wave of CCPS research takes us.

Glenn Gerstner, EdD., ’81SVC
Interim Dean, The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies