St. John’s Alumni Revisit Academic Roots to Help High School Students Start Career Paths

Two high school students listen to professionals in the field of Accounting
November 14, 2019

St. John’s University takes pride in the thousands of students who graduate each year and start lucrative careers, but it is all the more special when successful alumni come back to the university to continue serving their community. This was the case on October 25th, 2019 when Dan Carbonella, CPA and President-elect of the NYSSCPA, along with Dennis Annarumma, Managing Director at Ernst & Young LLP, hosted the annual World of Accounting event on the Staten Island Campus. 

This symposium is aimed at informing high school students about the variety of fields within the accounting industry and providing students with a headstart in their careers. Carbonella graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the Peter J. Tobin College of Business in 2004 and went on to get an MBA the following year. Annarumma graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Tobin in 1979. Despite leading busy lives, both alumni find the time to continue supporting the university’s service mission by helping high school students achieve the success they have earned. 

“This event is always the perfect opportunity to introduce students to different fields of accounting that they may not have considered before,” Carbonella commented. Annarumma added, “Connecting students to internships and helping them to build professional partnerships this early on is vital.” Frank DeCandido, CPA/CFP/PLLC and Treasurer of the NYSSCPA joined our alum in organizing the event. “It is important to educate high school students about all the choices they have when it comes to starting their careers in accounting,” he said of the event. 

The Staten Island campus was thrilled to support their efforts to reach out to high school students across the borough. This certainly will not be the last time World of Accounting will be welcomed on campus, and alumni from all careers and backgrounds are encouraged to bring their community outreach back home to the university.