Drug Information Association Hosts Industry Experts at Fall Events

March 11, 2019

Drug Information Association Holds Cocurricular Event

“Follow Your Interest,” a cocurricular event hosted in the beginning of the fall semester, provided an opportunity for students to learn more about the pharmaceutical industry. Students were asked to complete a survey that helped identify which branch of the industry (ranging from medical affairs, regulatory affairs, marketing, drug safety, and many more fields) was most compatible. 

More than 60 students attended the event and learned about the impact pharmacists have in each specific field within the industry and the importance of working as a team with medical experts.   

Drug Information Association Holds Annual DIAlogue Series: Medical Affairs

Expanding upon the idea of learning about the different fields of industry, the DIAlogue series invited Rafi Reyasat, Pharm.D., Senior Manager, Field Medical (MSL) Oncology at Pfizer;  Nafisa Islam, Pharm.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Children of 1971; Yahya Rosoully, Pharm.D., Postdoctoral Fellow in Oncology Global Medical Affairs at Merck; and Matthew Kahn ’19Pharm.D, Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Affairs in Oncology at Pfizer, to speak and network with pharmacy students. Approximately 50 students attended the event.

Each speaker shared their normal daily tasks within their specific pharmaceutical company. The panel was informative as speakers shared their experiences; students will be attending the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists midyear, so speakers offered interview advice.