Global CEO of Young & Rubicam Addresses High School Students at St. John’s

David Sable on stage
July 27, 2018

St. John’s University recently hosted Young & Rubicam Global CEO David Sable for a special presentation given to high school students participating in Envision’sGlobal Young Leaders Conference. Envision provides programs for elementary, middle, and high school students looking to hone their leadership skills, allowing them to explore their interests and gain critical learning experiences beyond the classroom. Students who complete the program receive college credit from George Mason University.

St. John’s participated as one of the host sites for the conference, which was sponsored by the College of Professional Studies. “It was a tremendous honor to host David Sable, a leader in the advertising industry, as a keynote speaker for this program,” said Katia Passerini, Ph.D., Dean, College of Professional Studies. Young & Rubicam is one of the world's largest advertising agencies.

She added, “For the students to hear from such a visionary leader when they are exploring their career options is both a foundational and inspirational experience. David’s innate understanding of the market and digital trends will empower them with ideas on how to transform their current and future choices.”

John Swan, Associate Professor, Mass Communication, and a former colleague of Mr. Sable, helped arrange the presentation. Prof. Swan noted that Mr. Sable has worked with industry pioneers and legends throughout an extremely successful 40-year career. “David has a perspective few, if any, have on the advertising business, its history, its current outlook, and its future.”

He added, “Having David address the Envision students and share his insight is of great value to students, whatever their field of study. His insights go beyond advertising. They go right to the very core of American culture itself.”

Mr. Sable discussed his career and life’s journey, and the challenges facing his field, and took questions from the young audience members. He asked the students to look at their classmates.

“You often never realize how important the things you do are. Somewhere along the journey, you will meet again. I guarantee it. You need to think about that.”