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Young Alumni Make Their Mark

Young Alumni on the Rise
Thursday, April 12, 2018

For more than 148 years, St. John's has prepared students to excel as ethical leaders in their careers and communities. The following recent graduates embody this heritage. While many earned their degrees over the past decade, they have—and continue to make—a lasting impression on the world around them. These are their stories.

Mark Albert Bateh

Believing Though Others May Not
Creativity can lead people on paths that others rarely consider, according to Albert Bateh. "I have always preferred the less conventional approach to solving problems," he said.
Albert's Story


Destined for a Career in Law
By the time he entered high school, Tahir Boykins, J.D., had good reason to believe he was headed for a career in law. "I was a tenacious arguer," he recalled.
Tahir's Story


Making a Difference in the Legal Community
An accomplished big-law associate, Jomaire A. Crawford has never forgotten the lessons she learned at St. John's University, as well as its mission.
Jomaire's Story


St. John's Double Alumnus Shines at MLB Network
Ryan Gilbert is confident that studying in the Sport Management program at St. John's University led him to where he is now.
Ryan's Story


Forging a New Direction
Though Lamar Perry majored in a healthcare-related field at St. John's, his extracurricular activities on campus introduced him to the creative rewards of the performing arts.
Lamar's Story


A Calling to Serve
For Talissa J. Rodriguez, the skills she developed as a Communication Arts major and student leader at St. John's University have proven useful in a field she never expected to enter.
Talissa's Story


A Professional "Playing to Win"
As an executive at a leading financial firm, Melissa Sanchez, J.D., is constantly in touch with a variety of colleagues and clients.
Melissa's Story


Driven by a Passion for Discovery
While some undergraduates find it challenging to discover an area of study that truly speaks to them, as a student in The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, Elizabeth Simun-Janson found it difficult to choose just one.
Elizabeth's Story


Using a Journalist's Skills to Serve Others
As a Journalism major in the College of Professional Studies, Meagan Watson learned how to interview people, gain their trust, and build relationships.
Meagan's Story