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Morgan A. Cline '17 Fashions a Lifestyle Brand on the Bonds of Sisterhood

Ever Row Boutique
Monday, March 5, 2018

Morgan Cline wasn’t your typical kid from suburban Long Island.

By her early teens, she had launched a children’s clothing company with her sister, selling original designs to over 300 stores across the United States. The young entrepreneurs, who attracted national media attention, also opened and operated a retail store on New York’s Fire Island for six summers.

So Cline was already a seasoned business owner by the time she started college at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). “I had managed hiring and human resources issues, conducted domestic and international business operations, and handled vendor relations, wholesale purchasing, marketing, and customer service,” she says, reflecting on her work in the field.

Cline went on to graduate FIT magna cum laude. Along the way, she and her sister started another business, Ever Row, tailored to the college experience. With a strong online presence, a new brick and mortar boutique in Columbia, SC, and a legion of loyal customers, Ever Row is a lifestyle brand that brings New York experience, sophistication, and style together with a deep appreciation of campus and Greek life.

“My sister and I knew from our college experiences that young people want fashion forward products at a reasonable price,” Cline says. We started, and have grown, Ever Row on the proposition that you can pair a high quality designer item with an affordable outfit to create a great, trendy look.”

Cline started at St. John’s Law knowing that she wanted to continue on her path in the fashion industry. “My father, Peter Fishbein '96, graduated from the Law School, so there was no doubt in my mind that I would get a top legal education,” she says. Cline took courses in intellectual property, consumer protection, and corporate governance. She also studied international arts and cultural heritage law as a rising 2L in the Law School’s Rome Summer Program. A summer position in the legal department at Christie’s Auction House further enhanced her St. John’s experience.

Now, while she pursues an LL.M. degree in fashion law, Cline continues her work at Ever Row, managing and creating content for its social media platforms, connecting with brand ambassadors, preparing licenses and applications, and browsing various markets for new products, among other responsibilities. It’s rewarding work forged on the special bonds of sisterhood.

“My sister and I are very close, and we were taught from a young age that respect for one another is a priority,” Cline explains. “Working with a family member is a unique dynamic. There are times when we don’t agree on a particular buying decision, but we both respect that we have different experiences and skills that balance one other.”

As she and her sister continue their work at Ever Row, Cline looks forward to adding locations, exploring the possibility of franchising, and expanding their use of technology and social media. “I believe in our brand and our products,” she says. “And as a lawyer and an entrepreneur, it’s very exciting to envision the next steps in Ever Row’s evolution.”