Faculty Recognition

Ortlieb Award 2017
February 21, 2018

Evan T. Ortlieb, Ph.D., St. John’s University Professor and Coordinator of the Literacy Program in the Department of Education Specialties, was chosen for this year's Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers' A.B. Herr Award for outstanding contributions to the field of literacy in 2017.

“The A.B. Herr Award has a long distinction of honoring outstanding contributions to the field of reading,” Dr. Ortlieb said. “Those who have been recognized over the years include most of the members of the Reading Hall of Fame such as Donald Leu, Ph.D.; Richard Allington, Ph.D.; Rita Bean, Ph.D.; Donna Alvermann, Ph.D.; and Linda Gambrell, Ph.D. Receiving this award provides evidence that the field recognizes the important work we do in urban partnership schools. It is through praxis that we can find better ways of leveraging students’ diversity toward effective literacy instruction.”