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Former Major League Baseball player Randy Ruiz speaks to SJU students on the value of hard work

Thursday, February 8, 2018

On February 7th, 2018, Randy Ruiz, professional baseball player, made a guest appearance in Professor Alexander Sepulveda's Legal Aspects of Sport Management. Randy, who has played for various major and minor league team such as the Minnesota Twins, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Long Island Ducks. Prof Supulveda brought Randy in to discuss the importance of agents and contracts to his students. The discussion also turned into a more open discussion on what it takes to thrive in the baseball industry. In addition, he also spoke on what life is like for players after their career is over and the work it takes to transition. 

Randy also spent time after his talk to speak to students on how each of them can make small yet critical changes that can help them jump start their careers. The sport management students found the conversation to be enlightening and valuable to their personal/professional growth.