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School of Education- Faculty Spotlight Luncheon

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Dean’s Scholars organization of The School of Education, Staten Island campus, hosted a Faculty Spotlight Luncheon focused on the topic of Bullying on September 18th, 2017. Adjunct Assistant Professor Adele Kosinski a) defined bullying, b) demonstrated existing types of bullying, c) provided supportive resources, and d) underscored messages that educators must deliver about bullying in today’s schools.

Approximately 40 participants gathered in the second floor lounge of the DaSilva Academic Center to enjoy lunch while engaging in discussion. Certificates of Participation were awarded for professional development purposes; a practice reflective of today’s teaching and learning environments.

Dr. Regina Mistretta, ED’87, Ed.D, Associate Dean of Education, professor and Moderator for Dean’s Scholars, stated “It was a joy to witness undergraduate students gathered in a professional learning space engaged in meaningful dialogue around such a relevant issue in society today.”