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CPS Students attend the MLB Diversity Business Summit

Monday, May 9, 2016

In March 2016, Six CPS students were sponsored by the College of Professional Studies to attend the MLB Diversity Business Summit: 4 graduate students and 2 undergraduate students. The MLB Diversity Business Summit is the premier sports employment conference and supplier diversity trade fair. This year’s two-day event was hosted by the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. The summit provided a unique opportunity for job seekers to meet with representatives from all Major League teams as well as their Minor League affiliates and various baseball sponsorship partners. Attendees were provided access to an assortment of presentations surrounding the business of baseball, highlighted by a discussion with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, Jr.  They were also fortunate to participate in a series of networking events with interview opportunities.

Britney McDonald, SPM Student reflected on the impact of the experience on their ability to be prepared for the job market: I am very grateful that St. John's gave me this once in a lifetime experience to meet with all of the MLB teams in one place and at one event. It was a great place to learn through the seminars they provided, specifically for me it was interesting to hear about the partnership marketing and sponsorship aspects as that is what I want to do. Hearing and getting information and advice directly from the people currently working in the field was priceless. Not only did I learn a lot about the industry at the Diversity Summit, but also had the opportunity to network and meet with the team's human resources representatives. Being able to pick their brains and find out more about their organizations and openings was another priceless experience that I will never forget. The networks, contacts, and friendships made at the MLB Diversity Business Summit are ones that I will use for the rest of my careers and I will always be thankful to St. John's for this incredible experience.

While Daniel Jimenez, commented more on the networking opportunities the summit provided: "The MLB Diversity Summit turned out to be a really incredible experience. What's great about it is that you have interviews set up, but the people are almost all in "networking mode" and are friendly and super easy to interact with. Many interviews were left on a good note, but many friends were made and useful contacts. All around, wonderful experience!" 

For more information on the summit, please email: Katie Lebel, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Sport Management at [email protected]