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SJU Instructional Design Team Presents at 2016 Rutgers Online Learning Conference

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The St. John’s University instructional design team of Paul Desmarais and Tara King delivered a presentation at the Rutgers Online Learning Conference of January 11-12, 2016, in New Brunswick, NJ.  More than 300 faculty, students, online program administrators, instructional designers/developers, and educational technologists interested in online teaching and learning attended this year’s conference.  The comprehensive program included interactive workshops and information sessions on a range of topics such as trends in online higher education and technology, course design and development, quality assurance, and online pedagogy.  The conference was highlighted by a number of keynote speakers including online higher education expert Ray Schroeder, noted higher education journalist Jeff Selingo, Debra Adair (Quality Matters CEO), and Joan Bouillon, a regulatory compliance expert with Pearson Learning.

Desmarais and King shared their expertise in a presentation entitled, Walking the faculty development tightrope: Finding the balance between the necessary and the possible.  The session focused on the process---from needs analysis through design, development, and delivery---of creating a platform from which to launch an effective, efficient, and sustainable faculty development program.  They discussed faculty satisfaction, performance data and feedback from the SJU “Online Teaching Essentials” course, and described how the course fits into the overall faculty development program for online teaching at SJU. King noted that the session was well-received, stating that “the audience…engaged us with intriguing questions about the faculty development program we have developed for St. John’s University.” Desmarais added, “Conversations with people who attended our session reinforced our view that the time we spent asking St. John’s faculty what they needed and listening to the answers we got was critical to producing a successful faculty learning program.”

For more information about professional development for online teaching and learning at St. John’s, please visit the Online Learning and Services website.