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Sophomore Parent Newsletter - Winter

Use Winter Wisely
Monday, January 19, 2015

College Preparation for Sophomores

Though many high school students view winter as a time to decompress by taking a much needed vacation, it’s also an ideal time for parents to seize the opportunity to browse colleges online with their children.

Your child can also use this time to check in with local college students who are home for the break. High school sophomores might ask older acquaintances about their university experiences. What do they enjoy the most? What do they dislike? Those answers can provide useful insight for your student.

Although parents should encourage their students to enjoy their time off, it is also important to nudge them with the message that it's never too early to start thinking about their college plans. For example, it’s a good time to discuss which classes sophomores should plan to take in their junior year, whether or not to work toward an AP track, and what type of career they see themselves in at this point in their lives.

Now is also the time for parents to review summer plans with their students. Encourage them to get involved in community service or volunteer activities, secure a part-time job, and develop all the skills necessary to become a well-rounded individual.

If your student took the PLAN assessment test in the fall, go over the results together, and see where, if any, improvements can be made. Look ahead to the next PSAT or PACT testing date, and help your student create a preparation schedule that leads up to that date.

St. John's University is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding Catholic higher education, featuring world-class faculty, financial aid assistance, safe residential campuses, and career preparation that is unmatched. We want to supply you with the tools and information you will need to guide your child to a great college experience.

For more helpful information, please visit Our enrollment counselors will be happy to assist you in any way possible.


Top 10 Things Colleges Look For in a Student
  1. Challenging high school course schedule
  2. Grades that show improvement over time
  3. Standardized test scores
  4. Depth, not breadth, of involvement in activities
  5. Academic pursuits outside of school
  6. Awards and/or honors received for academics, service, or humanitarianism
  7. A well-written essay to accompany an application
  8. Strength of letters of recommendation
  9. Service to the community
  10. Overall excitement about college campus visits and ongoing contact


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