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NYLJ Profiles Hon. P. Kevin Castel 72SVC, '75L, ‘04HON

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Hon. P. Kevin Castel Photo by: NYLJ/Rick Kopstein
Friday, July 11, 2014

Meet the Judges: Southern District Judge P. Kevin Castel
New York Law Journal


Q: What makes a good lawyer?

A: I enjoy good lawyering. The ideal trial lawyer is not just a master of the art of advocacy but a wise counselor to his or her client. Effective lawyers keep their eye on the prize—the outcome by way of trial, motion or settlement. They rarely present the court with quibbles over non-substantive matters. Lawyers have great stress placed on them by clients, law firms and, yes, judges. Their health and their families can pay a heavy price. It is not for everybody, but the psychic rewards can be great.


Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: I have known many great lawyers who would have made wise judges but did not have the opportunity to serve. I am deeply grateful that I do have that chance. While federal judges are known for longevity, we are all temporary custodians of this great office and should treat our service in this way. For me, the dazzling variety of matters and personalities keeps me enthused about my work. I admit to liking a challenging issue of statutory construction.