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Sophomore Parent Newsletter - Fall

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fall has arrived!

College Preparation in Sophomore Year: Plans and Resources

As the new school year begins, it's crucial for parents of high school sophomores to keep their children grounded, while also remaining cognizant of the college preparation tools that are available to them.

Closely monitor your child's extracurricular activities and make sure he or she is not overwhelmed, as a commitment to studies must take precedence. Encourage your children and work with them to set attainable goals.

Many high school sophomores develop a strong interest in a particular career. If you see this, encourage your child to learn about the field to better understand the training and educational experience necessary for success. Help your child research the colleges most closely associated with these interests. 

October is when high school sophomores should consult guidance counselors for answers to important questions. An excellent resource for college preparation, counselors can point students in the right direction in a number of areas, including supplying up-to-date transcripts, choosing elective courses and extracurricular activities, sampling college planning courses, attending college fairs and informational events, and learning about financial aid and career options. 

Counselors’ offices also can provide informational materials such as brochures and guide books, as well as data on which colleges the most recent graduates attended.

Make sure your child asks a guidance counselor about the PLAN assessment offered by American College Testing. The service helps determine study habits, academic progress, and interests. Of course, this also is a good time for your child to learn what Advanced Placement exams entail, and perhaps even take the PSAT in preparation for the real thing next year.

St. John's University is dedicated to providing students with every opportunity for an outstanding Catholic higher education, and we want to supply you with the tools and information to guide your child to a great college experience. 

For more helpful information, please visit or email [email protected]. Our enrollment counselors will be happy to assist you in any way possible. 

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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Guidance Counselor
  1. Which elective courses and extracurricular activities do you recommend?
  2. Are there any college planning session scheduled either here at school or offsite?
  3. Do you have any informational materials from colleges that I may borrow?
  4. What types of activities can I do at home to start preparing myself for college?
  5. Are there any college fairs or informational events scheduled in this area?
  6. Where are students from the most recent graduating class attending college next year?
  7. I have no idea what I want to pursue for a career. Do you have any suggestions for how I might start looking into this?
  8. Is it too soon to start researching scholarship opportunities?
  9. Is it too soon to make sure my transcript is moving in the right direction?
  10. What forms will I need to apply for financial aid, and where can I find those forms online?
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