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2013-2014 Tobin College of Business Faculty Research, Teaching and Service Awards

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Research is an essential part of the faculty’s contribution to the Tobin College of Business. Our faculty are continuously engaging in impactful research, influencing the fields in which they teach and inspiring their students to build upon their textbook knowledge. Over the last academic year, some ofour faculty  produced such meaningful studies that they were awarded the Dean’s Award for Research.  Some of their outstanding work was single-authored, and other studies were done in collaboration with colleagues from peer institutions.  

In their Financial Management article “Firm-Level Competition and Exchange Rate Exposure: Evidence from a Global Survey of Firms,” our faculty member Dr. Mikael Bergbrant, along with Dr. Kaysia Campbell of East Carolina University and Dr. Delroy Hunter of the University of South Florida, used survey data from 55 countries to determine the effect of competition on exchange rate exposure. They find that exposure (generally before hedging) is higher when firms face price competition in international and domestic product markets and when rivals compete using an unfair financial advantage.  They conclude that competition is the leading determinant of exposure and that exposure increases with the intensity of competition.  

Dr. Vincent Shea of the Tobin College of Business, Dr. Kevin E. Dow of Nottingham University Business School in Ningbo, China, and Dr. Marcia Weidenmier Watson of Mississippi State University co-authored “Understanding the Links Between Audit Risks and Audit Steps: The Case of Procurement Cards” which appeared in the 2013 Issues in  Accounting Education, a top-level journal published by the American Accounting Association. Using the PCard Program rules, this case requires students to conduct an internal audit at a fictitious university, which helps students to understand the link between risks and controls, and associate those risks and controls with the appropriate substantive and control tests.  The original manuscript was awarded the AAA Information Systems Section’s Best Case Award in 2011.

Journal of Business Ethics article “Attitudes Toward Ethically Questionable Negotiation Tactics: A Two-Country Study” co-authored by Dr. Abraham Stefanidis of the Tobin College of Business, Dr. Moshe Banai of Baruch College, CUNY, Dr. Ana Shetach of Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and Dr. Mehmet Ferhat Özbek of Gümüshane University investigated the influence various factors on employees’ attitudes toward ethically questionable negotiation tactics in Israel and Kyrgyzstan. The empirical consensus confirmed three types of questionable negotiation tactics:  pretending, deceiving and lying. Compared with Israel, employees’ endorsement of ethically questionable negotiation tactics was significantly higher in Kyrgyzstan. 

Drs. Nina Dorata and Cynthia Phillips’ article “School District Governance Structures and Fiscal Outcomes: Is School-District Leadership Entrenched?” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management. This paper is the second in a series of projects by these two TCB faculty members on school-district finances and governance.  The first paper in the series, “School District Boards, Audit Committees and Budget Oversight Seeking a Formula for Good Governance,” was the cover story for the March 2013 CPA Journal.

Other award recipients included Dr. Terese Pactwa and Dr. Leonora Fuxman, who both received Dean’s Awards for Teaching, based on their outstanding dedication to the students on the Staten Island campus.  There were two Dean’s Awards for Service as well, made to Dr. Nina Dorata for her work with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program and to Dr. Benjamin Silliman for his ongoing work leading seminars for TCB faculty, in conjunction with the Center for Teaching and Learning, on teaching strategies and new classroom technologies.