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Management Students Help Non-Profits Grow their Businesses

Monday, May 5, 2014

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, students from the TCB sophomore and senior management classes presented their consulting projects to executives and Board members of Advancement Matters and the Interfaith Nutrition Network.

TCB’s most comprehensive advance in experiential learning, begun fall 2011, brings real projects to all of our students in the required business-core management classes in the sophomore and senior years.  The program is modeled on our acclaimed Executive-In-Residence Program, where teams of students work to provide solutions to a real problem presented to them by the executives of a company. This year, all sections of the required sophomore MGT 2301 course, Administration and Organizational Behavior, worked on the project for the Interfaith Nutrition Network in the fall and Advancement Matters in the spring; the seniors in the capstone MGT 4329, Managerial Strategy and Policy, worked on Be the Best Sport in the fall and the Interfaith Nutrition Network in the spring.  Each of the six or seven sections of each class selected its best group from the spring semester to present its recommendations to an executive team from the not-for-profit organization at the special Saturday event.  

By incorporating external consulting projects into these two required classes, the College ensures that (1) every TCB student has at least two experiential learning opportunities; (2) every TCB student has a chance to hone presentation skills by working with a common presentation rubric; and, because we include the academic service learning requirements into the projects, (3) every TCB student has at least two academic service learning experiences.

The ideas presented by the students were well received by the attending executives, who plan to initiate some of the students' recommendations.  Such was the quality on display that students were also asked to visit the non-profit organization and present their ideas to the Board of Directors.