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Music Video Maven: Theresa Hynes '13CPS Gives Back

Monday, April 7, 2014

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is a holiday classic, but for young alumna Theresa Hynes ’13CPS, it means so much more.

“As I approached graduation, I was hoping to work on a multimedia project that would help me professionally,” said Hynes, who directed and produced a music video for a special St. John’s version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”, illustrating the gifts that alumni donations provide to students. In order to make the video, she worked with a handful of other alumni and current students. 

“That video was exactly the type of project I was hoping to undertake,” she continued. “It was a lot of fun to make, and it focused on a subject that’s important to me.”

Hynes herself was the recipient of scholarships and financial-aid support, so making the video was personally meaningful for her. She also enjoyed working alongside so many of her SJU friends – people who helped her grow creatively during her undergraduate years. 

“Brainstorming with them was so much fun,” she said. “We’d sit around the table for hours coming up with different scenarios, different ways to illustrate why alumni donations matter. And to see that creativity come to life is so rewarding.”

After producing “The 12 Days of Christmas” video, Hynes received a job as Multimedia Specialist at St. Agnes Academic High School, where she produces video, handles social media and serves as a jack-of-all-trades marketer. Each day, she is reminded of her St. John’s education.

“I always think back to my Production Development course,” she said. “We teamed with ESPN3 to broadcast games, and it taught me so much.” 

The course is offered in collaboration with the St. John’s University Television Network (SJU-TV), which generates live and on-demand content for SJU Athletics. It provides a unique opportunity for students to team with local television professionals to broadcast a variety of Red Storm sporting events, utilizing high-definition cameras, full-graphics integration, instant replay and both a play-by-play announcer and color analyst. 
These games appear on – the official athletics website of St. John’s University – as well as third-party outlets like ESPN3, SNY, CBS Sports Network and Fox Sports, reaching as many as 86 million homes. 
“The skills that I gained from that course translate over into so many aspects of my current job,” Hynes continued. “It was just an incredibly valuable experience for me, one that I’m sure I’ll continue to reference throughout my career.” 

Through it all, she remains grateful fo the scholarship support that she received and hopes that more students and alumni can understand the impact of giving.

“I was amazed to learn how much financial aid SJU students receive, and how much of that is from generous alumni and friends,” she said. “It’s a great, supportive community, and I’ll always remember those four years.”

Make your gift today.