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Global Pursuits: SJU Inspires Tara Nolan '11MBA

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From Italy to New York, young alumna Tara Nolan ’11MBA has pursued her dreams, and she’s quick to point out the role St. John’s played in getting her where she is.

“Having decided the global route was for me, it only made sense to study for an international degree at an institution with an international state of mind, and St. John’s offered me that,” explained Nolan, who currently works as Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at PHD Worldwide, a global media and communications agency. For Nolan, St. John’s is a family affair, as her mother – Patricia Nolan ’07G – is also a graduate and serves as Director of Development, College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, in the University’s Office of Development.

“I knew that St. John’s would provide me a base of fellow alumni,” Nolan added, “and a tight-knit community at my disposal, which made the whole experience feel very connected.”

While pursuing her M.B.A. at St. John’s University’s Rome campus, she traveled across Europe with her roommates and friends and came across a unique business called Cabin Charter, which would eventually lead to one of Nolan’s proudest creations.

“Cabin charter was an innovative type of travel,” said Nolan. “It allowed you the flexibility to book your own space on board a vessel and enjoy the exclusive feeling of having your own boat, cruising around with others in really amazing places.”  

Using this idea as a base, Nolan wrote her very own business plan after graduation and created IntersailClub, a vacation-planning service that arranges sailing experiences all across the world.

“Without having gone to Rome to gain the business acumen I received at St. John’s,” she said, “and partake in the European lifestyle I had at my disposal, there is no way IntersailClub would have ever materialized.  St. John’s gave me the power to create.”

Meanwhile, Nolan has been making her mark at phd, working to ensure that the company’s brand is consistent and helping to develop long-term strategic initiatives. And, of course, she remains connected and committed to St. John’s, supporting the University whenever possible and always encouraging fellow alumni to reach out to her on LinkedIn or on Twitter @tknolan.
“St. John’s attracts a variety of interesting people that end up going on to do great things,” she said. “We have a wide-spanning global network, so it would be hard not to want to stay connected to all of that!”

Join Nolan in staying connected to St. John’s and support the University today.