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Golfers Support Scholarship for St. John’s Students

Sunday, December 15, 2013

When St. John’s alumni enjoy the many University sponsored opportunities to get together for a day of golf, they’re doing more than simply engaging in friendly competition while trying to make that elusive hole-in-one. Their support is providing much needed financial assistance to deserving students seeking to pursue their St. John’s education.

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These popular events appeal to a variety of alumni within the University family. Some are sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations, others by the School of Risk Management and still others by the Office of Athletic Development. During the past few months they have collectively raised more than $475,000 for student scholarships.

“Our golf outings are incredibly important,” noted Scott A. Williams, Associate Vice President, Office of Alumni Relations, “because without the resources that come in through these events, many of the students who are looking to come to or stay at St. John’s wouldn’t have that opportunity. And it’s a great way for our alumni to enjoy a day of golf and catch up with good friends, while at the same time doing something really important for the students who benefit from their support.”

Lisa Pinkard ‘14CPS and Artiana Wynder ’16CPS are both recipients of financial assistance provided by The Long Island Alumni Golf Outing Scholarship Fund. Both acknowledge that without their scholarship, they would be unable to remain at the University.     
Pinkard came to St. John’s as a transfer student hoping to earn a degree in Legal Studies at the College of Professional Studies. She is a single mother who works full-time to support herself and her three children while completing the requirements for her undergraduate degree. A hard-working student with a 3.7 G.P.A., she hopes to go to  St. John’s School of Law if her financial situation improves.

In the meantime, she readily acknowledges that her scholarship is the difference that allows her to stay in school and complete her undergraduate degree.

“My scholarship is really a blessing from God,” she said. “Without that help I would not be able to attend college, and I’d never have the future that I’m envisioning for me and my family. As a single mom with three children, I need to work full-time to support them and pay tuition for their education as well. Every day is a faith walk for me, and I’m so grateful to the donors who make it possible for me to stay in school. They may not realize it, but they are really doing God’s work.”

Wynder’s scholarship has also had a significant impact for her and her family. A Sophomore majoring in Communications, her ultimate career aspiration is to become a Fashion Editor of a leading magazine.

She is currently active in many Campus Ministry initiatives, including participation in Midnight Runs, where she brings food and clothing to the homeless who live on the streets of New York City. Her service activities are a way of showing her appreciation for what the University, through the generosity of its alumni, is doing for her.

“I can’t even explain how grateful I am to the alumni who so generously make these student scholarships possible,” she said. “I was never expecting to receive this award, and it was a wonderful surprise for me and my family. I love that the alumni are so generous and so willing to give back to St. John’s. This scholarship is helping me and my family very much, and I will appreciate it forever.”

Alumni participation in golf outings is all about having fun while doing good. And that’s a great combination!